Courage / Para Todos Los Ninos - Exhibition Opening

A Landmark Exhibition at the Museum of Tolerance.

Members Only Preview Day 
Sunday, February 7, 2010 from 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Exhibition Opening Event - By Invitation
Monday, February 8, 2010. 5:30pm Reception. 6pm Opening Program
Remarks by the Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr., California State Attorney General



L-R: Liebe Geft, MOT Director; Hon. Paul Koretz, LA City Councilmember, 5th District; Rev. Dr. Henry L. Masters, Sr., Holman United Methodist Church; Sylvia Mendez; Gonzalo Mendez; Sandra Mendez; Marc Poster, Pres., Beverly Hills Bar Association; Carl E. Foster, The Ray Charles Foundation

L-R: Alice Huffman, President, CA NAACP; Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr. CA State Attorney General; Liebe Geft, Director, MOT


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Courage tells the story of the brave citizens of Clarendon County, SC, who brought the first of 5 lawsuits that would challenge racial segregation and lead to the landmark Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education. Through the personal stories of Rev. J.A. De Laine, his family, community members, and legal champions, we learn about the sacrifices ordinary people made to advance civil rights.

The highly interactive exhibition features dioramas of Rev. De Laine’s fire-bombed church, sets of separate and unequal classrooms, replicas of the dolls used in the famous doll experiment, warphones to listen to the arguments of the 2 legal teams during the Brown v. Board of Education landmark case, and podiums inviting participants to engage in their own debates.

Participants will get a sense of the hardships and inequalities during that time and the tremendous courage ordinary people showed in changing American laws that uphold the equal rights we all enjoy today.

The exhibition shows how the civil rights movement blossomed after Brown, and leads visitors to interactive areas to explore “Where is courage needed today?”


Many people know of desegregation as it happened in the American South, but this exhibition shares the story of the landmark struggles of Latino families in Southern California almost ten years before Brown v. Board of Education. Para Todos Los Niños - Fighting Segregation in California, which will premier at the MOT, shows the history of segregation and discrimination in California that targeted all non-White citizens, in housing, jobs, and schools.

Participants learn the dramatic story of Mendez v. Westminster and the broad multi-racial grassroots efforts, including lawyers and activists, to end school
segregation in rural Orange County. Participants will learn of their impact in closing not only “Mexican schools” but in battling segregated schools for all.

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