World renowned Mexican sculptor, José Sacal, was honored at a special event on Sunday, July 19, 2009.

World renowned Mexican sculptor, José Sacal, whose sculpture Holocausto is on display  at the MOT, was honored at a special event.

July 19, 2009



World renowned Mexican sculptor, José Sacal, whose sculpture Holocausto is on display at the MOT, courtesy of Rebecca Zapanta, was honored at a special reception here on Sunday, July 19, 2009.   The Mexican Consul General and Mrs. Gutierrez, other members of the consular staff, SWC Trustee  Jaime Sohacheski and his family, the Zapanta family, museum professionals, community leaders, and guests attended the event. 

Maestro Sacal and his wife, Sylvia, joined VIP tours of the Museum’s permanent exhibits, and was moved by the poignant placement of his powerful sculpture in the Museum of Tolerance, which he described as “the perfect place” for this work.  The program included a presentation of Sacal’s highly acclaimed body of work by Gregorio Luke, who curated a recent exhibition of Sacal sculptures at the Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture.  Sacal’s work has been exhibited in Europe, Mexico, and Asia.  Twenty-three of his monumental sculptures are placed throughout Latin America and in 2008 he became the first Mexican artist to have his work permanently displayed in a public plaza in China (Jing`An District, Shanghai.)  Luke felt strongly that Holocausto, the centerpiece of the exhibit, belonged at the SWC Museum of Tolerance, and through the generosity of arts patron, Rebecca Zapanta, that initiative was soon realized.

Holocausto belongs to a collection of monumental sculptures that maestro Sacal created in remembrance of this shameful episode in human history.  It is a monument that denounces intolerance, racial segregation and anti-Semitism.  It was created using the lost wax process, and cast in bronze with golden patina.  It is mounted on a special base that when viewed at a certain angle forms the Star of David. “In Holocausto,” Luke declared, “Sacal evokes tragedy in a symbolic, non-descriptive way and yet the piece is also deeply moving emotionally, appealing simultaneously to our senses, our intellect and our iconic memory. Sacal’s Holocausto can be interpreted in many ways.  The sculpture is ambiguous, beautiful, disturbing, magnificent, one of those unforgettable works of art that once seen, haunt and inhabit you for the rest of your life.” 

The event concluded with a reception sponsored by COPE Health Solutions and La Curacao.  Maestro José Sacal signed copies of books in the Masters of Today, World of Art Books publication, featuring his work.

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